Intel i7-870, i3-540, E6600 and E5500 price drops

Monday, July 26, 2010 Leave a Comment

Intel has dropped the price of 2.93 GigaHertz Core i7-870 by a massive 48%, the US$562 chip now costs US$294. It has also dropped the prices of the Core i3 chip i3-540 by a small 12% to US$117.

Apart from the Core processors, two pentium processors also have their prices reduced. The E6600 now costs US$75 and the E5500 now costs US$64 a price reduction of 11% and 15% respectively.

The Core-i3 is now more in reach of the budget buyer, but the Core-i5 and Core-i7 is still expensive with prices staying above the US$200 mark. Budget buyers are going for laptops instead of desktops as laptops with fast processors are getting cheaper.