Nvidia GTX-460 Gamers Card

Monday, July 12, 2010 Leave a Comment

Nvidia has launched a new graphic card which it says "its tailor made to hit the gamers' sweet spot" with its price and performance factors. It is a new member of the 400 series family, codenamed GF104 (Fermi) and features solid support for DirectX 11.

Nvidia GTX-460

The GTX-460 comes in two versions - 1 GB and 768 MB memory size, the former with 256-bit memory bus and the latter with 192-bit. In terms of price they differ by only US$ 30 which makes the 1 GB version a better choice. Nvidia states in its site that the GTX-460 has 4 times faster FPS (frames per second) versus ATI's Radeon HD 5830 in Microsoft DirectX 11 SDK test. The card has support for Nvidia's 3D Vision, which means you will be able to watch and play in 3D through their wireless glasses.

GTX 460 Specifications:
RAM Size: 1024 MB / 768 MB GDDR5
Memory bus size: 256 bit / 192 bit
GPU frequency: 675 MHz
Core frequency: 1350 MHz
Memory frequency: 3600 MHz
Stream Processors: 336
TDP: 160W / 150W
Price: US $229 / $199