AMD 790GX - Fastest Motherboard Graphics

Friday, August 8, 2008 Leave a Comment

AMD has launched the fastest motherboard graphics processor (mGPU) in its 790GX chipset. The chipset is equipped with ATI Radeon HD3300 graphics processor.

The onboard graphics supports ATI's Hybrid CrossFireX technology which can be paired with a discrete graphics card from either of theHD3400 series or HD2400 series graphics cards. It also supports ATI's CrossFireX multi-GPU technology which enables multiple discrete graphics cards to work together. The chipset comes with HDMI, DVI and D-Sub ports.

Gigabyte and Asus have integrated the 790GX chipset into their new upcoming motherboards along with SB750 south bridge. With a support of 128MB of DDR3 SidePort memory.

“The AMD 790GX chipset contains several AMD innovations that further improves both multi-core AMD Phenom processor performance and motherboard ATI Radeon graphics performance, the result of which are versatile performance PCs that deliver an eye-catching visual experience.” said Phil Eisler, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD Chipset Division.

Source: AMD