Intel's new CPU Q8200 and E5200

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 Leave a Comment

Intel has planned that it will launch two CPU's, a Quad-core Q8200 and a Dual-core E5200 this month end.
The Core2Quad Q8200 will run at a core speed of 2.33 GHz and would be the cheapest 45 nm quad-core available when launched.
The Dual core E5200 chip is also based on 45 nm technology and will run at a core speed of 2.5 GHz.

Q8200 Specifications:
Core Frequency: 2.33 GHz
FSB Frequency: 1333 MHz
Cache size: 2 X 2 MB
Price: $224 (Wholesale rate)

E5200 Specifications:
Core Frequency: 2.5 GHz
FSB Frequency: 800 MHz
Cache size: 2 MB
Price: $84 (Wholesale rate)

Update Sunday, December 7, 2008:
E5200 to drop in price after E5400 launch
Low Power Q8200 to be launched


  • picks stock market said:  

    i think you add more info about it.

  • Vadi said:  

    Manu, thought core2quad would ve a higher frequency... but instad it has jus 2.33... seems low isn't it?? compared to pentiums 3 n higher things....

  • |\/|@nx said:  

    We will update more info as soon we get it.

    yeah it seems low but its faster than that. Because it has more cores, its theoratically 4 x 2.33. Higher frequencies require much more power so thats why they have started lowering the frequencies but increasing the cores. Its more power efficient this way.