Old Intel E7500 at 3.9 GHz Overclock

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 Leave a Comment

Intel's Socket 775 lineup is slowly coming to it's end with the new Core-i3-i5-i7 processors. The Core2Duo E7500 was released back in January 2009 and it's still available, holding strong in the lower segment CPU. The Core i3-530 is directly competing in it's segment offering a better performance in some applications.

The Core i3 is the obvious better choice when choosing a new system, but those looking for a cheap upgrade on their 775 systems still have something to look for. And if Intel can lower the price of the current on-shelf Core2Duo, those on a budget can still have a great CPU at their hand.

We tested the SuperPi scores of E7500 back in October 2009, we used the motherboard of GigaByte EP43-UD3L and 4 GigaBytes of DDR2 Corsair. At stock we completed the 1M at 18.xx seconds, but we could easily reach a 1 GigaHertz overclock on stock voltage and completed the 1M at 13.6 seconds.