AMD HD4770 to launch soon

Saturday, April 4, 2009 Leave a Comment

AMD's new card codenamed RV740 - the HD 4770 details have emerged. The card is aimed to replace the HD4830 and is a bit slower than the HD4850. This mid-range offering by AMD is aimed at budget gamers and will compete with Nvidia's 9800GT.

The HD 4770 is based on the 40 nanometer fabrication technology and will be available in 512 MB GDDR5 bus type memory. It consumes lower power when compared to HD4830 and HD4850 with its TDP rated at 80 Watts.

The cards will be priced competitively at $99 and will launch on 4 May, 2009.

Update Saturday, May 9, 2009
AMD has already launched the HD4770 early this week.

HD4770 Specifications:
RAM Size: 512MB GDDR5
Memory bus size: 128bit
GPU frequency: 750Mhz
Memory frequency: 800Mhz
Stream Processors: 640
Supports DX10.1
Price: US $99