AMD Radeon HD4830 coming soon

Saturday, September 27, 2008 Leave a Comment

AMD is soon going to launch its new Radeon HD4830 which is based on RV770LE chip.

The HD 4830 will come with 512MB of memory, 256-bit memory interface and will have 640 stream processors.

The HD 4830 card will compete with Nvidia's GeForce 9800GT card which is priced around US $150. The price of the card is still unknown but it is expected to cost around US $150. Expect the cards to be launched in early October, 2008.

HD4830 Specifications:
RAM Size: 512MB GDDR3
Memory bus size: 256bit
GPU frequency: 575Mhz
Memory frequency: 1800Mhz
Stream Processors: 640
Supports DirectX 10.1
Price: $129

Update Sunday, October 26, 2008:
AMD has just launched the HD4830 last week and several reviews have began to appear, with many comparisons being made to Nvidia's 9800GT. The card costs US $129 and fills up the $100-$150 price segment. Links to review sites are listed below:
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