AMD Neo CPU for ultrathin notebooks

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 Leave a Comment

AMD is going to introduce a new processor for ultrathin laptops called Neo. The Athlon chip is based on the 65 nanometer Yukon mobile platform. It is aimed to compete with Intel's Atom in the ultra-thin notebooks and low-cost netbooks segment.

AMD Neo is a 64-bit capable chip clocked at 1.6 GigaHertz and has a L2 Cache size of 512 KiloBytes. It has a thermal power dissipation (TDP) of 15 Watts which is more than Intel Atom's 8 Watts. HP is the first company to use this chip in their Pavillion edition notebooks.

AMD claims Yukon fits a price and performance gap between low-cost netbooks and beefier notebook PCs - a new category which the chipmaker was so kind to have designated for us as "ultrathin notebooks". Mark that in your notes.
"In introducing the AMD ultrathin notebook platform, AMD enables a balanced PC performance, including the option of advanced graphics and video for true HD entertainment, all in an affordable, ultrathin notebook, bringing consumers uncompromised mobility," philosophized Chris Cloran, veep of AMD's client division in a statement.