Intel Mobile CPUs to get faster

Monday, October 27, 2008 Leave a Comment

Intel's Mobile processors will get faster in terms of speed after Intel will change their steppings. These new steppings will be available for consumers around March of next year.

The following Core 2 Duo chips will be moved from C-0 stepping to E-0:
SL9300 (1.60 GHz)
SL9400 (1.86 GHz)
SP9300 (2.26 GHz)
SP9400 (2.40 GHz)
And the following chips will be moved from M-0 to R-0:
Celeron M ULV 723 (1.2 GHz)
Core 2 Solo SU3300 (1.20 GHz, single-core)
Core 2 Duo SU9300 (1.20 GHz)
Core 2 Duo SU9400 (1.40 GHz)

Source: TGDaily