Radeon HD5970 The fastest Graphics card in the world arrives

Thursday, November 19, 2009 Leave a Comment

AMD ATI Radeon HD5970
AMD has recently launched the fastest graphics card in the world - the ATI Radeon HD5970. It was just last month that AMD was out with HD5870 - the fastest single-GPU graphics card and now they are out with the fastest dual-GPU in a single card.

The HD5970 is a 40-nanometer based card and is compatible with DirectX 11. It has two processors tied together and can work in Crossfire mode with upto 4 GPU's. It is based on the GDDR5 memory interface with a massive 2 GigaBytes of memory. It is power hungry and requires a minimum power supply unit of 650 Watts. The detailed specifications and price are posted below.

HD5970 Specifications:
RAM Size: 2048MB GDDR5
Memory bus size: 512 bit (2x256 bit)
GPU frequency: 725Mhz
Memory frequency: 1000Mhz
Memory Data Rate: 4Gbps
Stream Processors: 3200 (2x1600)
TDP (Max): 294W
Idle Power: 51W
DirectX Support: Version 11
Price: US$599