SATA 3.0 Specifications released

Friday, May 29, 2009 Leave a Comment

SATA 3.0 specifications have been oficially released this week by the Serial ATA International Organization (Sata-IO). It takes the speed from the current SATA 2.0 3 Gigabits per second to 6 Gigabits per second this equals to data transfer speed of 600 MegaBytes per second.

This increases the transfer speeds between storage drives, optical drives, motherboard and other SATA 3 devices to twice the current speed of SATA 2.
The SATA-IO president said, "As speed becomes critical to today's storage, the Sata Revision 3.0 specification doubles the maximum transfer speed enabled by technology, paving the way for a new generation of faster Sata products".

SATA 3.0 is also specially designed for slim notebooks that makes the SATA connector compatible with thin optical disk drives. A small Low Insertion Force (LIF) connector is also been included for 1.8-inch drives which makes it compatible with more thinner disk drives. With the new Native Command Queuing (NCQ) streaming command, video playback is made more smoother.

Sata 3.0 is backward-compatible with the current Sata 2.0 which makes it possible to use existing cables with the new interface.