Asus unveils W90 the World's Fastest Laptop at CeBIT

Saturday, March 14, 2009 Leave a Comment

Asus showcased their new extreme high performance laptop at the CeBIT 2009 Expo held last week between 3rd and 8th March. The Asus W90 beat the overclocking world record with 3DMarks score of 20284 and is dubbed by Asus as the fastest notebook on the planet.

The Asus W90 is comparable to a desktop PC with its ultra high performance powered by Intel's Core2Duo processor and the X38 Chipset. It has a maximum memory capacity of 6 GigaBytes of DDR2 type RAM. With Dual hard-disk drives providing a maximum disk space of 1 TeraBytes
The advanced model of W90 model is powered by Intel's Core2Quad processor. The graphics is powered either a dual graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870, ATI Mobility Radeon HD3850 X2 or the Nvidia GeForce 9800M GS.
The W90 also delivers astounding multimedia performance, with full HD at 1080p and a wide screen display size of 18.4 inches.

Source: Asus

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  • Real Estate Agent in Toronto said:  

    Beautiful piece of design also. Asus has come a long way from those crappy and weird looking laptops to these beautifully designed machines. Although I'm sure it's an amazing computer it must be heavy as hell and not very practical for carrying around. It must weigh at least 7 kg. Plus the adapter probably another 2 so were looking at a pretty decent amount of weight. Nevertheless, congrats Asus, amazing piece of engineering.

    Take care, Julie

  • Manx said:  

    Thanks for your thoughts Julie.
    This laptop weighs around 6 Kgs, and is indeed not one would carry around. It wouldn't be a great desktop replacement too due to its high price which exceeds 2000 US dollars. But as you said an amazing piece of engineering!

  • Spy Shopping said:  

    Asus W90 is the best laptop which can be compared with a desktop
    thats good

  • Microsoft Exchange said:  

    Asus laptops are less expensive as compared to the other ones
    its a beautiful product anyways

  • Manx said:  

    @Spy Shopping @Microsoft Exchange Thanks for comments. Indeed, Asus always builds products of great quality.

  • Anonymous said:  

    How does it compare to Eurocom's Phantom D90xC PHANTOM-X?... I was always thought that was the world's fastest laptop... ??? :)

  • Manx said:  

    @Guy They both are in the similar league. Meanwhile, Maingear has released a new laptop which it claims is the fastest gaming laptop. Check it out here