Nvidia Ion platform brings Atom to Desktop

Saturday, December 20, 2008 Leave a Comment

Nvidia is going to launch a new platform called Ion which is going to combine the GeForce graphics processor with an Intel Atom processor. This combination (codenamed Ion Platform) enables the smallest premium PC experience available today, making it ideal for the exploding category of mini-notebooks and compact PCs.

Nvidia will combine the GeForce 9400 GPU with an Intel Atom CPU which according to Nvidia
will deliver up to ten times the graphics performance, play full-spec 1080p high definition video, support the full Windows Vista user interface and the upcoming Windows 7, and also run popular PC games such as Call of Duty 4. The GeForce 9400 GPU does all of this in about one-half of the space of today’s Atom CPU-based solutions with minimal affect on battery life.

Nvidia is set to supercharge the fastest-growing segments of the PC market – netbooks, small form factor and all-in-one PCs – by enabling these products to play rich media and popular games in high definition. At the same time, the Ion Platform will create new and exciting premium PCs that fit in the palm of your hand.

A quote from Drew Henry, Nvidia's GM of the MCP business unit, “The Ion Platform pairs the GeForce 9400 with a truly great Intel Atom CPU and lets consumers surf the Internet, play top games, edit photos, and watch videos all in high definition. This will really energize the PC market in 2009!”