Intel launches its 160GB X25-M and X18-M SSD

Friday, December 26, 2008 Leave a Comment

Intel has started shipping its 160 GigaBytes solid-state drives (SSD) as it competes with Samsung and Toshiba to deliver more storage capacity SSDs but Toshiba has already released SSD of 512 GigaBytes capacity just recently.

Intel recently said that it will add 160GB versions of its X25-M and X18-M Serial ATA (SATA) SSD. The X25-M is a 2.5-inch version of the 160GB drive for standard sized laptops and the X18-M is a 1.8-inch model for ultraportable laptops, the latter will start shipping next month.

Solid-state drives are much faster at getting data than hard-disk drives and also much more pricey. Intels SSD are expected to be very costly with the prices starting at $945 for less than 1,000 units.


  • L. Venkata Subramaniam said:  

    is the technology in these solid state drives different from say pen drives, HDD and usb drives?

  • Manx said:  

    Solid State Drives or SSD are a type of storage that use flash memory, which is the same technology used in usb/pen/stick/flash drives. Hard-Disk Drives or HDD on the other hand use magnetic storage.