Bluetooth v2.2 coming in 2009

Friday, December 5, 2008 Leave a Comment

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) will release Bluetooth version 2.2, a new specification of the Bluetooth standard, in mid-2009. This new release will include a specification for High Speed Bluetooth, allowing for Bluetooth-enabled devices to transfer data at greatly increased speeds and giving Bluetooth-enabled handsets many compelling applications beyond voice transmission to a headset.

The High Speed Bluetooth specification will utilize Bluetooth technology in conjunction with either WLAN or UWB for improved data rates, and the two technologies will be marketed as Bluetooth 10x and Bluetooth 100x respectively, nomenclature that refers to the respective data rates of the technologies. This new standard will allow mobile handset users to utilize the pairing and interoperability advantages of Bluetooth technology and the increased throughputs of WLAN or UWB for wireless video streaming to computers or set-top boxes, wireless printing, and wireless peer to peer content movement, among other applications.

Source: IMS Research