Nintendo Wii sales hit 35 million units worldwide

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 Leave a Comment

Nintendo has recently reached a total lifetime sales of 7 million units of its Wii console in Japan, with the total worldwide sales now hitting the 35 million units mark.

The news is sourced from a report by research firm and Famitsu magazine publisher Enterbrain, as translated by blog site Kotaku.

The Wii was launched in Japan on December 2nd, 2006, the new milestone includes all sales in the country up to November 23rd, 2008. By comparison, lifetime sales of the PlayStation 3 in Japan stand at around 2.5 million units and the Xbox 360 around 800,000 units. The Japanese market accounts for roughly 20 percent of Nintendo’s total Wii business.

Although easily the best-selling home console in Japan, the Wii’s dominance in its home country is not quite as total as in the West.
The console is regularly outsold, often by a significant margin, by both the Nintendo DS and PSP – although software sales have remained strong.

Source: Gamasutra