MSI comes with All-in-1 Wind Neton Nettop

Thursday, November 20, 2008 Leave a Comment

MSI is coming out with its' All-in-1 Nettop including a mini-case, speakers, touch-screen display and blu-ray. The nettop has joined along with Asus eee top in the emerging nettop market. The Wind Neton nettop comes in three versions - M16, M19 and M22.

The Wind Neton M16, M19 and M22 all have the same general specifications and differ mainly in the display size. The M16 is 15.6 inch and is aimed at the home segment, M19 is 18.5 inch and is aimed at the office segment and M22 is 22 inch aimed at the family segment. The model numbers are indicative of the display sizes.

The nettops will be powered by single core or dual core Atoms, with built-in optical drive and tv-tuner. The M19 will cost about US $500, M16 about US $400 and M22 for about US $800.
The nettops are expected to launch early next year 2009.