Nvidia's new ultra high-end card - GTX 280

Saturday, June 21, 2008 Leave a Comment

The GTX 280 is Nvidia's new top of the line graphic card made of the new generation unified architecture. The card was launced last week consisting of 1.4 billion transistors engraved at 0.65 ┬Ám. It features the new NVIDIA PhysX™-Ready and NVIDIA CUDA™ technology.

RAM Size: 1GB DDR3
Memory bus size: 512 bit
GPU frequency: 670 Mhz
Shader frequency: 1460 Mhz
Memory frequency: 2430 Mhz
Stream Processors: 240
Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600
Thai Price: 24,000 baht ($720) (XFX GTX280 ZDF9 model)
Review: Tomshardware.com
Wiki: GeForce 200 Series