AMD to capture 40% of the discrete GPU market?

Sunday, June 29, 2008 Leave a Comment

AMD's recent introduction of the Radeon HD 4800 series has impressed many people, from reviewers to purchasers, and some have lauded the cards as AMD/ATI's return to the market. That would definitely be a boon to AMD given that both their GPU and CPU markets have suffered since around the time of the AMD/ATI acquisition.

According to recent speculation, AMD might be able to capture up to 40% of the discrete market by the end of 3rd Quarter of 2008. The reasons are pretty plain, with the HD 4800 cards not only delivering on performance promises but also coming in at a very nice price point. Time will tell, and though this is only speculation, it's a real possibility that would benefit us. Many were disappointed by the 9000 series GeForce cards, and the newest Nvidia offerings are rarely friendly on the wallet – some healthy competition is due.